The Richmond Hill Camera Club is a member of CAPA.
CAPA runs approximately 10 to 12 competitions per year and for most of them, there is a club entry, which consists of 6 images from 6 different photographers. Our CAPA club committee, headed by our , assisted by Harvey Ash, Debbie Gottdenker and Lance Gitter, selects the 6 images and submits them on behalf of the club.
Individuals who are paid up members of CAPA may also submit entries to the 10-12 Competitions for “individual members”. Complete details are on CAPA’s website at this link.

We are pleased with our results from our first couple years competing in these Canada-wide competitions and in particular the number of awards that our club and our members earned.
Please visit the RHCC-CAPA awards page for a listing of these details.

There are also Individual Memberships available for those who would like to join CAPA in order to enter the competitions for Individuals.
Club membership is separate from individual membership.
Please visit the CAPA website for details on membership benefits and costs.

Our CAPA committee considers images submitted to club competitions for our submissions but we would also like to give our members the opportunity to upload images for consideration as part of our club entry to these CAPA club competitions.

We expect that some of our members may have images that have not been entered in our club competitions that could be good candidates for our club submissions.
You may upload up to 3 images for consideration to each competition through the CAPA links on the Competition Uploads Links page.

Once our CAPA committee makes its selection, they will advise each member who’s images have been selected for submission.
Members who are also individual CAPA members cannot have any of their images submitted more than once to a CAPA competition, which means that Individual CAPA members cannot submit an image that the club is submitting as part of a Club entry to a CAPA Individual Competition.

All club entries earn our members photo participation points and photo achievement points which are counted towards our Service Recognition Awards.

CAPA Canada Magazine

Downloads of the quarterly publication is for club members (for CAPA individual members and CAPA member club members only….do not share with non CAPA or non-RHCC members)
Paid up club members may access the magazine download page by clicking here.