Competitions 2017-18

2017-2018 Assigned Topics

The assigned topics for the five digital competitions for the 2017-2018 club season are:

“Creative” – Images should interpret the real world in a new, experimental and imaginative manner resulting in an abstract, unique, imaginative or unconventional display of the subject.
Images that appear to look like they are straight out of camera realistic shots will be considered weak or not in category. Click here for a more detailed description of “Creative”

“Action” – Can be sports or movement representing action

“A Splash of Colour” – images containing at least some splash of colour; could be a heavily saturated colourful photo or an image with strong dominant colours

“Scapes” – Landscapes, seascapes, skyscapes or cityscapes; an expanse of land, sea, sky or city that can be seen in a single view; may contain any subject as long as the primary aspect of the image is the expansive view and not the secondary subject matter

“Geometrics or Patterns” – straight lines and simple geometric shapes, e.g., circles and squares, used together to form a design or pattern

Images must have been taken no earlier than September 1, 2016 to be eligible for submission to the assigned categories. This is to encourage members to shoot for the topics and not simply to scour through their archives of old images for submissions.

For submission deadlines, see ‘EVENTS>DEADLINES’

Summary of changes from last year

Due to lack of participation in the non-competitive submission option offered to members for our competition/evaluations in 2016-17, the “evaluation only” option will not be offered in 2017-18.

Three Categories
There are three categories in each digital competition/evaluation: Pictorial (Photographer’s Choice), Natural Things and an Assigned Topic.

Number of Images:  Members may submit up to 4 images for each digital competition/evaluation with no more than 3 in any one category.

Pictorial Category: Images that qualify for the Natural Things category are not acceptable in the Pictorial Category. The competition committee has the authority to move any image that has been submitted to the wrong category.

Natural Things Category:  Submissions to the Natural Things category is open to any nature subject, including Pure Nature, as defined in our Nature Trophy Competition Rules, or Natural Things subjects, as defined in our Natural Things Description.

Images such as landscapes will be categorized as a natural things subject if the primary subject is the scenery itself. The image may include secondary elements such as buildings, structures, people, animals or any other object, as long as those secondary elements are not dominant, in which case it would be categorized as a pictorial image.

When uploading any image you will be asked if the image also qualifies as a Pure Nature image.  This will assist our nature committee in selecting images for external competitions, such as the Glennie Nature, CAPA nature, GTCCC nature, etc.

Image Requirements

Images should be saved in sRGB colour space.   Image sizes must be a maximum of 3 MB in size, and either
1920 pixels wide and no more than 1080 pixels high
1080 pixels high and no more than 1920 pixels wide


Photo Essays:

Photo Essays no longer count towards Photographer of the Year Awards.

Photographer of the Year Awards:

Now require at least one entry from at least four of the five categories: Assigned Topic, Pictorial, Natural Things, Nature (ie Nature Trophy entries) and Print.


Rules for Individual Competitions

Any image (print or digital image) entered into any RHCC Competition must be substantially different from any image entered by the same maker in a previous RHCC Competition.

Here are links to the detailed rules for entering the various competitions.  They appear in the “Competition Information” item in the Competitions menu, together with some more information on preparing images for competitions.

Regular Digital Competitions

Print Competitions

Nature Trophy Competition

PhotoEssay Competition

Phoenix Competition

Wallet Card

Download this handy pdf RHCC wallet card 2017-18 file which lists all of the competition due dates and presentation dates and keep it in your wallet or purse for easy reference.