Who? These are small groups of 8 – 12 people with some Novice, some Intermediate, and some Advanced level photographers from one given part of York Region. Group boundaries are deliberately vague.

What? Although often social, the purpose is to ask for help with some of your images (typically 5 or so in a night), and to give compliments or advice to others, on how to improve their images. Not for the “thin skinned”, you have to be able to give and take criticism without personal offense. Questions and different points of view are encouraged. Images will be projected on a screen, and everyone is encouraged to throw their “two cents” worth in. This is a real learning experience!

Why? Unlike entering a competition, here you can discuss an image, ask questions, and get more points of view (although few people in your group will have judge’s qualifications). It does however allow you to learn from everyone’s submissions, not just your own. This may be a good way of breaking ties, when you have two images to enter in a competition, and want to know which one is better.

Where? Usually these meetings occur once a month in a member’s home on a rotational basis. One group meets at a local bar. It depends on how many people we get in any given area.

Contact us.  For information on joining an evaluation group, please email the Chair of our Evaluation Groups at .

Exact dates and places are decided on by the groups, but the club schedule has been set to allow for group meetings on the following dates:


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Complete List of 2021-22 Evaluation Group Meetings :
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