Toronto Pearson International Airport
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Toronto Pearson International Airport
Date(s) - 3 Oct 2020 until 3 Oct 2020
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Aviation Night Photography
Saturday October 3, 2020, at Toronto Pearson Airport

This event begins with a meeting at 6:30 pm at a designated place near the approach path of an active runway. At 6:40 pm we will move to a location near the approach path near an active runway and set up our tripods and cameras to capture a variety of compositions including moving aircraft and vehicles. It may be interesting to use long exposure photography settings with small apertures to capture starry renditions of stationary lights and blurred renditions of moving lights.

I’ll be monitoring live communications between pilots and air traffic controllers, to determine designated meeting place, the active runway(s), and optimal shooting locations. This is determined by wind direction, and therefore can’t be specified in advance. Therefore, by 5:30 pm, you’ll receive an email from me that clarifies our meeting place for 6:30 pm.


No cost for parking, however, attendees should make a nominal purchase at any of the restaurants where we park as a courtesy to restaurant owners.

Schedule (Saturday, October 3, 2020, weather permitting)

6:30 pm Park and meet at a designated location (location depends on the active runway)
6:40 pm Walk from the designated meeting location to camera set-up position


• Open to RHCC members only (no guests allowed)
• Registration will be limited to 8 members to help manage physical distancing


Ron Mantay


Tips for Aviation Night Photography

• Equipment
o Tripod
o Remote Shutter Release (to eliminate camera shake)
o Ideal Focal Length may be in the range of 24mm to 70mm

• Safety Considerations
o Hearing protection (optional)
o Face Mask (optional)
o Bright orange safety vest (recommended)
o 2-Meters of Physical Distancing (mandatory)
o Car Pooling (strongly discouraged)

Pearson Airport (YYZ) Layout
Parking near YYZ

Selected Camera Setup Locations

o Runway 23
 Navigate to GPS coordinates 43.695808, -79.630816 (Google Maps)
 Park near the brown brick carwash building, which is near Wendy’s Restaurant at 6585 Airport Road, Mississauga

o Runway 05
 Navigate to GPS coordinates 43.671640, -79.670807 (Google Maps)
 Arrive at the corner of Directors Gate and Dixie Road; park on the south side of Directors Gate

o Runway 24L
 Navigate to GPS coordinates 43.674667, -79.588485 (Google Maps)
 Arrive at Molson Coors Retail Outlet at 33 Carlingview Drive, Etobicoke, and park in the north-west corner of this parking lot
 Spotting locations include the north end of dirt mount on the south-west corner of Renforth and Carlingview or the raised section of the parking lot at the corner of Renforth Drive and Silver Dart Drive.

o Runway 06L and 06R
 Navigate to GPS coordinates 43.656422, -79.622395 (Google Maps)
 Park along Convair Drive according to instructions in the below-illustrated map and the following instructions:
• P1 – Near crash gate V404D at Britannia & Convair
• P2 – South of the guard shack at Britannia & Convair
• P3 – East side of Convair Drive BESIDE crash gate V404A
• P4 – Near the crash gate V403 at the bottom of the hill, in the gully
• P5 – South side of Convair on the bend BESIDE crash gate V402

o Parking at the threshold of Runways 06L and 06R (Illustrated Map)
 GREEN Parking Symbols indicate acceptable parking areas
 RED Parking Symbols indicate prohibited parking areas


8 spaces
Sorry, this event is fully booked

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