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Date(s) - 8 Mar 2021 until 8 Mar 2021
7:30 PM - 8:45 PM

James Cowie will talk about his photography experiences traveling the world, including key aspects of night photography.

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James is a third-generation photographer with a passion for sharing the art of capturing images through adventure travel. Exploring unique destinations around the globe, he affords his guests’ wonderful photographic opportunities and interesting ways to learn more about photography. James has 38 years of experience in the photo industry and coupled with his 17 years of travel skills, each guest will enjoy an enriching experience while expanding upon their photographic knowledge, skills, and the art of observation. James also serves on the Advisory Board for the photography program at Lambton College, in Sarnia, Ontario.

James’ number one belief is to have fun with your camera. The more comfortable and relaxed you are when out on an adventure, the better your powers of observation, resulting in more exciting images. With James’ knowledge of the areas being visited along with his sense of humor, you will find yourself seeing what is out there in a different light. You will come home with great memories, new friends, and amazing images to share with family and friends.

James is well versed in Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and many other photo management programs, and works with both MAC and PC computers. One-on-one time is always available to our photographers during our tours.

Photo Tour Trekkers have now partnered with Tourcan Vacations, one of Canada’s premier travel companies. This has opened many more travel opportunities for our photographers and guests.

“Over the past years we have shared many locations, traveling to South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Sedona, Scotland, Death Valley, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Monument Valley, New York City, Istanbul, Turkey, Greece, the Greek Islands, the Galapagos, and Polar Bear adventures to Churchill, Manitoba just to name a few. We have travelled together to all 7 continents. I look forward to sharing the many places this world has to offer and invite you to join me on one of our future journeys.” 

Learn more about James Cowie at https://phototourtrekkers.com


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