Norm Taylor Room/Oak Ridges Arena
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Norm Taylor Room/Oak Ridges Arena
Date(s) - 14 Jan 2019
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Kas Stone – Seasons “Winter Photography”

Kas will present the season “Winter” by talking about some unique photographic challenges, but it can reward you with uniquely inspiring images too. In this presentation, Kas celebrates the season and shares practical advice about gear and shooting techniques, along with artistic ideas that will inspire you to make some winter magic with your camera. Included there will be topics covered such as: How to protect yourself and your gear in winter weather; How to manage exposure, white balance and focus challenges in snow; How to use shutter speed for capturing falling snow; Ideal subjects, scenes and conditions for winter photography; Visual design and post-processing styles that complement wintry conditions and concludes with Creating images that reflect your personal feelings about the season.

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