Norm Taylor Room/Oak Ridges Arena
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Norm Taylor Room/Oak Ridges Arena
Date(s) - 23 Sep 2019 until 23 Sep 2019
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM

meeting – Speaker – Stephen McNeill Drawing with Light (Images, Black & White Film Photography and Print-Making Techniques)

Images, Black & White Film Photography and Print-Making Techniques


Canadian fine art photographer, Stephen (Stef) McNeill, grew up in a small town near Toronto. At the age of 16, he signed up for a night school course in photography and was required to shoot a roll of film for his first assignment. He borrowed a Kodak “Instamatic” camera and fired off the film in his backyard. Weeks later, the students were given a lesson on the solarisation technique. He was hooked.


Following high school graduation, McNeill worked at a weekly newspaper for an eight-month stint as a darkroom assistant.  He also explored the art’s scene and voluntarily took on photography assignments to gain experience.  In 1978, he directed and produced, The Grand Illusion – a presentation that combined photography, mime and live music – resulting in the first public exhibition of his art. Shortly afterwards, he moved to Toronto and began an apprenticeship in the graphics industry as an imaging specialist in 1979.  


Throughout his career, McNeill’s had a deep affinity for black and white imagery and print-making.  He is one of the few accomplished darkroom printers still working today.  His work is found in private collections, exhibitions, publications and educational/charitable institutions.

In this presentation, McNeill will guide the audience through a b/w photographic journey that includes his work, a discussion on compelling print-making techniques, and a short-stories chapter on four artists whose work he greatly admires.  He will also review his photo documentary on Berlin to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Wall (November 9, 2019).



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