Norm Taylor Room/Oak Ridges Arena
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Norm Taylor Room/Oak Ridges Arena
Date(s) - 21 Oct 2019 until 21 Oct 2019
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Speaker – Ann Alimi (Audio Video Presentations in Competitions)

Audio Video Presentations in Competitions

Ann is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography for both film and digital media. She is a Master level photographer at the Toronto Camera Club and a Certified Judge for the Canadian Association of Photographic Art and the Ontario Council of Camera Clubs. She has completed the Individualized Photography Course and the Image Analysis Course Certificate with the Photographic Society of America, has won several photographic awards and has her photos published in magazines such as Canadian Camera Magazine, Pro Digital Imaging, Digital Camera World, Photo Life, The Outpost Travel Magazine and Digital Photographer. She is currently an active participant in photography competitions, public presentations and the judging of Photography and Audio-Visual Presentation Competitions Nationally and Internationally.


Ann is currently the Chair of Audio-Visual Presentations for both the Toronto Camera Club, the Canadian Association for Photographic Art and the Photographic Society of America.  She has produced AV presentations for competitions and Public Presentation shows and is keen in promoting this aspect of photography and bring awareness to people that producing a show is rewarding and doesn’t have to be an arduous experience. Her AV workshops are based on showing that an AV essay can be of great entertainment and educational value to others and the judging process of it is significantly different than judging an individual image.


In this presentation, Ann will explain the attributes of a good Photo Essay, describe what the judges are looking for and highlight the process of creating a good Audio-Visual Presentation. The focus is on the techniques used to maintain audience interest as well as a short introduction to how the software is used to accomplish those means. Sample Photo Essays will be presented.




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