The Duke Of Richmond pub
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The Duke Of Richmond pub
Date(s) - 29 Sep 2018
4:00 PM - 11:30 PM


Nuit Blanche Toronto – Cancelled


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to view art exhibits scattered throughout the downtown core beginning at dusk and continuing until dawn?  An “all-nighter” is likely something you may not have considered doing since trying to complete a high school assignment.  “NUIT BLANCHE” is the French term which means to “stay awake all night”.

Of course, this is not a pre-requisite to enjoy this activity.  You can choose where you wish to go and how long you wish to stay.  But it will be a chance to experience that infamous “blue hour” to which many photographers refer.

The exhibits range in size from those attached to the side of a courtyard wall to some that extend across the street suspended from a building crane.  Certain displays may offer moving video, others stationary objects or a combination of both.  Spectators are many, space is often limited.  Some exhibits garner more interest than others and you as photographers may find negotiating the crowds challenging at times.

Most of the installations are centred in the downtown core but this year, the Scarborough Civic Centre and the Scarborough Town Centre are also slated to participate.  For those who wish to meet up downtown before the shoot, I suggest “The Duke Of Richmond” at the corner of Queen and James just west of Yonge Street at 4:00pm.

From there, it would be easiest to view the exhibits in the vicinity of Nathan Phillips Square, one of the event centres.  A map displaying the exhibit locations can be found at each of these centres.  The other event centres are listed below.

Nathan Phillips Square – 100 Queen Street West
Yonge Dundas Square – 1 Dundas Street East
Scarborough Town Centre – 150 Borough Drive

Due to the nature of the event with exhibits scattered throughout the downtown core, you may find it best to break into smaller groups to navigate the displays allowing greater flexibility should you wish to revisit a particular exhibit.

Cost to participate:  FREE

Number of participants:  unlimited

Time:  4:00pm onward

Meeting place: The Duke Of Richmond pub at 4:00pm

Having experienced this event in past years, I suggest that you plan to be downtown by 4:00pm allowing you to see which exhibits merit closer attention later on.  As the evening light falls, you may wish to return to a particular site.  Often, the changes in light will bring welcome changes to even the simplest of displays.  This year, there will be a number of road closures allowing easier access to the displays. Be aware that this may affect your commute. I’ve included a link to the TTC site outlining the variations to their usual routes below.

Equipment:   Suggested lenses—50mm f1.4 or the equivalent with low light capabilities.  You may find that fixed focal length lenses work best under the low light conditions but smaller zoom lenses may prove easier to manage under more crowded locations and in more confined spaces.  Be prepared to punch up your ISO settings.
Tripods will prove awkward in this type of environment but a monopod may be helpful.
Comfort is important.  As you are walking from one location to the next sporting your camera equipment, it may be best to choose comfortable footwear.
Edit your camera gear accordingly.  A backpack may be helpful offering hands free storage of your equipment as well as a spot to store a jacket or other essentials in the event of any unplanned weather changes.
A flash may prove handy for some installations.

Getting downtown:
The TTC is offering all night service.  In addition to the regular all-night Blue Night Network service, the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) is extending all-night service to a portion of the subway. Day Pass/Group Day Passes purchased for use on September 29 will be valid until 7 a.m. on September 30.
Free all-night parking is available at TTC Commuter Parking Lots. For more information about TTC’s all-night bus network, extended service and service diversions, visit www.ttc.ca.
Line 1 Yonge-University service will operate all night from Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station to Finch Station.
Line 2 Bloor-Danforth service will operate all night from Kipling Station to Kennedy Station.
Line 3 Scarborough service will operate all night from Kennedy Station to McCowan Station.

A series of road closures create a pedestrian-friendly event and improve free-flowing access to the art.
1.  Borough Drive—closed between Brian Harrison Way and Town Centre Court starting at 8 pm,  Saturday, September 29 until 9 am, Sunday, September 30.
2.  Queen Street West—closed between Yonge St. and University Ave. starting at 4 pm, Saturday, September 29 until 9 am, Sunday, September 30.  The 501 Queen Streetcar will be diverted onto King Street between Spadina Avenue and Church Street.
3.  Bay Street—closed between Dundas St. W. and Adelaide St. W. starting at 8 am, Saturday, September 29, extending from Dundas St. W. to Wellington St. W. at 4:pm, until 9 am, Sunday, September 30.

For your convenience, I am including the Nuit Blanche website link here.  nbto.com  Specific details have now been posted.

Feel free to join us for our RHCC “all nighter”.  There will be no assignment due the next day.  And take as long as you wish to edit your images.

** Your name and contact information will be given to the organizers of this event.

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