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Date(s) - 21 Sep 2020 until 21 Sep 2020
7:30 PM - 8:45 PM

2020-21 Program Introduction – Ron Mantay
2020-21 Competition Season – “Identifying the Elements That Make a Great Image” – George Cates & Competition Team


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George joined the RHCC in 2014 and quickly became engaged in helping the Competitions Team to develop competitive photography in ways that help members improve their photos. He now leads the Competitions Committee and helps to manage all the judging and presentation of the hundreds of photos the club members take each season. He receives great assistance from a large team of members that help to keep the competitions running smoothly. The team wants to engage more members to participate in competitions this season. Providing some educational sessions to “demystify” competitions will help to get members at all levels to participate in competitions in a friendly environment to enhance their photography skills.



Getting a great image, that will do well in a competition, requires an appreciation and understanding of the elements that Photography Judges look for in an image. We will look at the three major aspects of an image that contribute to the final score for an image in competitions. Being able to critically assess images using an objective measure can help to improve your images to give them more impact, resulting in higher scores. Even if you are not interested in competitions, being able to critique images, will help you improve your photography. We will review a variety of images and show how image scoring is done. Several of our club’s accredited Judges will walk us through the scoring process. We will even get a few volunteers to score a few images to learn how they can self-score their own images.

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