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Date(s) - 23 Sep 2020 until 23 Sep 2020
7:30 PM - 8:45 PM

Special Interest Group – Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)

Schedule for 6 Sessions (Wednesday Evenings starting at 7:30 pm) – Online Only

Sep 23, 2020

Oct 21, 2020

Nov 18, 2020

Dec 16, 2020

Jan 20, 2021

Feb 24, 2021

Leaders:           Ron Mantay and Atul Asthana

Registration:    $3

Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) is an advanced professional-grade video editing tool that only works on Apple computers. The objective of this Special Interest Group (SIG) is for participants to teach each other about FCPX and to share tips and tricks on this powerful software program. This SIG brings together people who have already created videos with FCPX on their Apple computers, and who agree to learn and teach FCPX topics to other SIG participants in an interactive and screen-sharing online environment using Zoom as our videoconferencing platform. This SIG is for people who are active learners, and for members who like helping others.

Illustrative examples of FCPX topics which may be discussed in this SIG, but participants are free to select other topics which they’ll present for discussion with the group:


If you meet the following requirements, then please register today!

  • You own an Apple Mac computer with FCPX installed and operational
  • You have made at least one video in 2020 with all editing done in FCPX. Although this is not an intermediate SIG on FCPX, you should be familiar enough with FCPX to have made one or more videos in this video-editing environment before participating in this SIG.
  • You have Zoom (videoconferencing tool) installed on your computer and you have participated in Zoom meetings. And you are committed to learn how to screen share in Zoom when presenting a FCPX topic for discussion to the group (screens sharing in Zoom is easy!)
  • You agree to research, learn and teach other SIG members how to do certain editing tasks in FCPX. Each SIG participant will be scheduled to present one or more FCPX editing topics of their choice to other participants. SIG participants will collaboratively agree on the schedule showing their presentation date and topics. Each such participant-led presentation to the SIG will be at least 20-minutes, but somewhat longer presentations are fine.


SIG presentations by participants don’t need to be super-polished or professional; simply an expression of what you’ve learned using a PowerPoint slide presentation, a video that you’ve prepared or using the “Screen Share” function in Zoom. Any format works. The idea is to learn, use and then share video editing tips and tricks with others.

What if you have an Apple computer today, but have only used iMovie in your video editing work to date?  Well, if you don’t want to upgrade to FCPX, you might consider offering your own iMovie SIG for RHCC members and help others improve their video-editing game.

If you decide to upgrade to FCPX, the good news is that your experience with iMovie will help you learn FCPX much faster. Simply buy, install and use FCPX to become eligible to join this SIG. There are many YouTube tutorials available to help you learn the basics of FCPX before our 2020-2021 season. Why not create your first FCPX video this summer and then join this learning group? All active learners are welcome.  

Each online SIG meeting will run for about 75 minutes with the following estimated time budgets.



On-Line SIG Meeting

Presentations (minutes)


Q&A (minutes)


Break (minutes)


Presentations (minutes)


Q&A (minutes)





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100 spaces, 93 still available

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