Bond Lake Arena/Oak Ridges Rec Centre
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Bond Lake Arena/Oak Ridges Rec Centre
Date(s) - 18 Sep 2017
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Guest Speaker, Jill Smith – Underwater photography

Jill has worked in the field of Forensic Image Processing for over 28 years, but when she and her husband opened the Adventure Sports Newmarket Scuba shop in April 2013, she developed a love for underwater photography. Underwater photography presents some unique challenges for a photographer to overcome; Jill, a self-professed amateur, is excited to discuss the issues faced with a camera under the waves, and share her learning experiences as she grows in this awesome hobby!

This evening will be divided into two parts:
Part 1 – A presentation on the special challenges faced when photographing scenes, marine life, or other divers under water.
Part 2 – Underwater colour correction and image enhancement are Jill’s specialty; years of training and experience in the forensic imaging realm were easy to transfer and apply to underwater imagery…who knew?

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