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Panasonic Lumix Studio
Date(s) - 13 Sep 2018
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Water Droplet Refraction Photography Workshop

Step into a world of photography that most artists consider magical. Photographing refracted images within water droplets reveals not only the beauty of simple physics, but it opens the creative doors to unlimited possibilities in macro photography. This hands-on workshop will explore some of the smallest subjects that photography has to offer, and is open to anyone of any skill level. Expect it to be challenging, but you will walk away with images you’d be proud to share.
For this workshop, bring any photographic gear you have to “get close”. Macro lenses, close-up filters and extension tubes work great. If you don’t have equipment dedicated to macro photography, we can make something work with reverse-mounting lenses to get close. Even with simple gear we can make magic happen! You will also need to use flash or have a VERY bright flashlight, but flash is strongly preferred. Even if the flash is simply of the pop-up variety, buy yourself a snack (Pringles) on the way to the workshop and you’ve got the necessary tools to make it work perfectly for you. Much of this workshop involves improvisation, which in turn will spark creative solutions to problems. This kind of thinking is valuable for all types of photography!
Tripods are optional. I shoot all of my images without a tripod, but some people are more comfortable with this equipment. Whether or not you bring a tripod, I’ll be encouraging you – at least once – to attempt the shots handheld to see how you handle it. With the right technique, it’s easier than you think!
Additional tools will be provided. I will provide a “third hand” tool, a spray bottle, and the necessary staging ingredients for creating water droplet refractions to each attendee.
Limited amounts of Lumix gear will also be available to try on the night of the workshop.
Panasonic will provide water and juice for workshop attendees; no food will be provided.
The instructor for this workshop is Don Komarechka.


This workshop will be limited to 10 people, to maximize the learning benefit.

Please register only if you are sure you will attend. If unforeseen circumstances arise, please cancel your registration on our website, and please notify Ron Mantay as soon as you are able, as a courtesy to the instructor and club members.

To be added to the waiting list, please contact Ron Mantay directly.

Panasonic Lumix Studio
5770 Ambler Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 2T3
Enter at side door of building (west side).
Please see large outdoor sign marked Lumix Studio. Free parking.


No cost.

Contact (additional details & waiting list)

Ron Mantay

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10 spaces
Sorry, this event is fully booked

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