Starting in April 2012, the club has instituted a Volunteer and Achievement Recognition Program.

Please note that the executive committee is in the process of revamping the service awards program, removing the photographic achievement portion, and setting standards based on service and volunteer participation.

Award Winners

To read about our first award winners and some background information on their contributions, see the Our Members page.

Awards are presented at the club’s annual closing banquet.

These awards are given to its Members for volunteer service and photographic participation and achievement. The club will keep track of your photographic achievement for club activities but each member is responsible for reporting achievements in competitions outside the club.
Each member must also report on all volunteer related activities, as specified in the following document.

The deadline for submission of your achievement and service hours and activities is April 9. Submit in writing to Lance Gitter and Judi Martin at

Richmond Hill Camera Club Volunteer And Achievement Awards

General Rules

  1. The Awards are to be given by the RHCC to its Members on the basis of a system of points earned through service to the RHCC and the photo community in conjunction with photographic achievement as follows:
    Bronze Award 200 points
    Silver Award 400 points
    Gold Award 800 points
    Diamond Award 2400 points
    Platinum Award 4800 points

    The emphasis will be to encourage, acknowledge and reward volunteer service time, while acknowledging a certain minimum photographic participation and/or achievement in the photo club activities.

    Therefore not less than 80 percent of total points required for any award may be service points. Not less than 20 percent of the total points may be photographic achievement points. Excess points may be carried forward for future use.

    Award Volunteer hours * Award Points Minimum service points Minimum photo points
    Bronze 125 200 160 40
    Silver 250 400 320 80
    Gold 400 800 640 160
    Diamond 800 2400 1920 480
    Platinum 1200 4800 3840 960

    * See description of hourly awards at the end of the service awards section under the section Hourly service awards.

  2. The Awards Chairperson will accumulate service and photographic points for Members from information received from each member and the relevant chairpersons.
  3. Members are responsible for submitting their qualifying service points and hours to the Awards Chairperson. Members who do not submit may not receive appropriate credit for their volunteer work. Submissions must be made in writing or by email to the Awards Chairperson by the deadline announced by the Executive Committee each year.
  4. Awards will be made once annually, at a time to be decided by the Board.
  5. Members must keep a record of their own points from activities gained outside the club. The chairperson may request verification if necessary.
  6. Applicants for Bronze and Silver awards must have been Members of the RHCC for at least ONE year. Applicants for the Gold awards must have been RHCC Members for at least TWO years. Applicants for the Diamond and Platinum awards must have been RHCC Members for at least FIVE years.
  7. Photographic and service points may be counted only from the date of joining the RHCC. Members joining the RHCC as Intermediate, Advanced or Masters would start with zero service and photographic points.
  8. When lapsed Members rejoin, their rank as well as photographic and service points shall be reinstated.
  9. Decisions of the Board will be final.

Service Points

  1. Club Administration (service awards base points plus volunteer hours)
    President 200
    Other Officers or Executive Committee Member 50
    Committee Chairperson 30
    Members of Committees other than Chairperson Hourly
  2. Workshops
    One person, full program Hourly
    More than one person sharing the program (share points equally) Hourly
  3. Field Trips
    Leading/organizing field trip Hourly
    More than one person leading/organizing (share points equally) Hourly
  4. Evaluation Groups
    Chairperson 20
    Assisting or organizing (per session) Hourly
  5. Competitions
    Chair of club judging session (in addition to chairperson points) Hourly
    Assisting with club judging session Hourly
    Presenting competition results (per session) Hourly
  6. Judging (per session):
    Club (any photo club) competitions Hourly
    Interclub competitions or International competitions Hourly
    Community competitions Hourly
  7. Any presentation or showing to the RHCC, a Photo Club or a Photo Convention *
    Main program or feature speaker Hourly
    Short program (half program equivalent, including demonstrations, etc.) Hourly
  8. Any presentation or showing to a non-photographic group *
    When representing the RHCC or approved by the Honours Chairperson Hourly
  9. Special projects for the club operation or promotion, the community or the photo community *
    Project Chair (service awards base points plus volunteer hours) 20
    Volunteers Hourly
  10. Photographic articles or photographs published by RHCC, GTCCC, CAPA, PSA or other photo organizations approved by the Board *
    Feature articles 5
    Short Articles 3
    Cover Picture 3
  11. RHCC representative to the GTCCC or other board approved photographic organizations
    Chairperson 20
    Member of the committee Hourly


    • * Note – in order to earn honours recognition points for presenting lectures, workshops or judging outside of the RHCC, the members must present themselves as a Member of the Richmond Hill Camera Club
    • Hourly service awards are based on time spent in preparation, presentation or volunteer time; service award points will be based on a formula that gives greater awards for members who spend more hours volunteering. The formula used at inception of this awards system will be based as follows: [(Volunteer hours) PLUS (volunteer hours divided by 20) X (volunteer hours divided by 20)]=service points. Members must keep track of their own time and are responsible for reporting to the service awards chairperson. The awards chairperson will calculate the service award hours based on the formula currently in effect. The service points will be awarded on an annual basis.
    • Executive committee/chairpersons start with a base point award but also track their volunteer hours in addition to the base award because of the extra commitment required for their positions.

Photographic Points

Points may be won for photographic achievement as follows:

  1. RHCC Competitions: (excluding photo essays)
    Trophy Winners20

    For each submission 1
    1st Place 5
    2nd Place 4
    3rd Place 3
    HM 2
    Score of at least 23.5(Adv,Mas) or 23(Nov, Int) 1
  2. RHCC Photo Essays
    For each competition submission 5
    Trophy Winner 10
    Division 1st, 2nd or 3rd Place(not applicable for the Trophy Winner) 5
  3. Non-competitive Photo Essays or Story Books
    For each submission 5
  4. GTCCC Interclub Competitions for Individuals
    For each submission 1
    Top Award Placement (1st, 2nd, 3rd or “best of categories”) 15
    Honourable Mentions 10
    Acceptance 5
  5. CAPA and PSA Competitions for Individuals
    For each submission 1
    For each Medal Award 15
    For each HM 10
    Acceptance 5
  6. CAPA and PSA Photo Essay Competitions
    For each submission 5
    Top Award Placement (1st, 2nd, 3rd or “best of categories”) 15
    Honourable Mention 10
    Acceptance 5
  7. PSA Approved International Exhibitions (excluding competitions for money awards)
    For each submission 1
    For each Medal Award 15
    Honourable Mention 10
    Acceptance 5
  8. CAPA and PSA Competitions (club entry)
    For each image chosen as part of an RHCC entry 1
    For Placement (First, Second Third or HM in a club entry Category) 5
    Top Award Placement (1st, 2nd, 3rd or “best of categories”) 15
    Honourable Mention 10
  9. International Club or Interclub Competitions
    For each image chosen as part of an RHCC entry 1
    For Placement (First, Second Third or HM in a club entry Category) 5
    Top Award Placement (1st, 2nd, 3rd or “best of categories”) 15

    Submit photographic achievement (external competitions), service points and volunteer hours to us at:

    Please submit your “volunteer” information for services undertaken in the current club season, as well as any photo awards earned for competitions outside the club competitions no later than April 15.

To download the above Recognition Awards document, click here.
Club members may request a status update on their own recognition award point standings by sending an email to
They can find out how many points they have earned for both service and photography and how many points they need to earn the next award level.