RHCC Annual Souvenir Book

The RHCC Souvenir Book of winning images was first published for the 2013-14 season and has become an annual edition. This soft-covered magazine includes all the winning images from the past competition season. This includes the Digital, Print and Nature Trophy competitions, as well as external competitions such as CAPA, OCCC and the Glennie Nature Salon, for the club entries. Normally, images from field trips or special events are not included in the Souvenir Book.

The book is published by Blurb, using a magazine format on high quality paper to get an accurate colour rendition, yet still keeping the printing cost reasonable. This particular format is restricted to a soft cover, portrait format, but this helps to keep the cost low for members. The book is typically around 150 pages, so this is a bargain for our members, not to mention, a great gift for family and friends!

If ordered as part of the club order, you save a considerable amount on the shipping fees as well as taking advantage of the bulk pricing. You may still order the book after the club order goes in, but the cost will be higher.

The Souvenir Book is an annual publication available to members at a very reasonable cost. The book is provided “at cost.” It is not sold at a profit to the club, nor is it covered in the membership fees.