RHCC Featured Member: Josie Stauffer

Back in the mid-nineties, when I installed my first Linux operating system, this little program called 'Gimp' came with it. I was delighted to realize that it could be used to transform photographic images, and quickly got some of my slides scanned. At that time there was little documentation available, so it was a matter of "I wonder what this button does, let's try.".

But that was as far as things went until after I semi-retired in 2004. By then we had got to know our neighbours, Fern and Lance Gitter, and discovered a common interest in photography. So on Lance's urging, I got a digital camera and joined RHCC. It transformed my life! Not only did I widen my photographic horizons, but quickly got involved in the website and writing software for competitions.

I greatly admire, but have no desire to emulate, the great wildlife and action photographers we have in the club. Before joining RHCC, I'd pretty much stuck to landscape, and still do a lot of it. But I have also started to do some "tabletop" stuff.

I do get rather impatient with all those buttons and dials, and mostly just shoot on aperture priority with the biggest depth-of-field I can. And my camera is chosen with light weight as the biggest priority, because I like to ski (X-C) and hike with it. So my raw images are not usually of very high quality. For me, a lot of the best fun comes in playing with Gimp later.

Here are a few of my favourites:

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